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Wine degustation

Italy is famous for its variety of wines and their excellent taste. Each of the 20 regions has different areas of ​​growing grapes and its own winemaking method, this is why each region can boast of its own types of wines with a unique bouquet. The Italians can easily define the region by the name of the wine, knowing that, for example, Chianti is from picturesque Tuscany, Prosecco was born in northern Veneto, and Nero d'Avola is warmed by the sun of Sicily. What we call "sparkling wines" in Italy is divided into “frizzante” and “spumante” depending on the degree of gassiness. Asti, Prosecco, Lambrusco, Fragolino are all sparkling wines. How can one understand which wine best suits cold snacks or freshly prepared steak and which one comes with a dessert? Our experienced sommeliers will help you find answers to these questions. Together with them, you will visit Italy’s most famous wineries, try different kinds of wine and learn the rules of combining certain types of wine with different dishes. You will learn to understand brilliantly the taste of wine, the peculiarities of winemaking methods, the terms of aging and the storage conditions of this wonderful drink.

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