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Italian Cuisine Master Class

Have you ever seen an Italian making homemade pasta? Fascinating, isn’t it? Do you want to discover the secrets of making it yourself? This is an entire art for Italian housewives which they pass on from generation to generation. We offer you master classes in Italian cuisine. You will learn all the subtle details of making homemade, or "fresh" as the Italians call it, pasta, the secrets of an unforgettable taste of Neapolitan pizza and the right size real tagliatelle. The experienced Italian chefs will teach you how to cook Italian ragù, how to choose the best stuffing for ravioli and how to choose sauces for different types of pasta. You will learn how to cook a delicious risotto, juicy lasagna and classic tiramisu. You will dive into the atmosphere of creating masterpieces of the Italian cuisine and will feel like a Signora cooking a Sunday lunch with love for the whole family. When you are back home, you will indulge your loved ones with some delicious Italian dishes.

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